Commissions & Committees

  1. Beautification Commission

    The Beautification Commission will assist in the beautification of Romeoville by suggesting solutions to resolve the problems of properties that do not meet the minimum standards.

  2. Downtown Redevelopment Commission

    The Downtown Redevelopment Commission shall provide advice and comment to the Village Board on matters pertinent to the creation, growth and development of the downtown district within the Village of Romeoville.

  3. Economic Development Commission

    The mission of this Commission is to advise and recommend to the Mayor and Board of Trustees initiatives that continually improve the quality of life within the village by creating, promoting and supporting a business, educational and recreational environment that is diversified, vibrant and caring.

  4. Ethics Commission

    The main function of the Ethics Committee is to investigate, conduct hearing and deliberations, issue recommendations for disciplinary actions, impose fines in accordance with the Ethics ordinance and refer violations to the appropriate attorney for prosecution upon receipt of a signed and notarized written complaint.

  5. Finance Committee

    The committee discusses and reviews a number of topics pertaining the overall finances and financial health of the Village and activities of the Finance Department.

  6. Fire & Police Commission

    The Commission derives its power and authority from an Act of the General Assembly entitled, "Division 2.1 Board of Fire and Police Commissioners", of Chapter 65 of the Illinois Compiled Statute.

  7. Fire Pension Board

    The board reviews information about the Fire Pension.

  8. Foreign Fire Insurance Board

    The Board shall be responsible to make all necessary rules and regulations with respect to the conduct of its business (including but not limited to Board bylaws), the management of all funds paid to the Board, and the expenditure of such funds for the maintenance, use and benefit of the Village Fire Department.

  9. Green Team

    The mission of the Green Team is to advise the Village on ways to target environmental goals, educational campaigns and encourage schools, non-profit and religious organizations, businesses, and residents in conserving natural resources, alleviating the effects of global warming and promoting urban sustainability.

  10. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission was created in order for adequate provisions to be made for the preparation of a comprehensive village plan for the guidance, direction, and control of the growth and development or redevelopment of the village and contiguous territory not more than 1.5 miles beyond the corporate limits and not included in any municipality.

  11. Police Pension Board

    The Police Pension Board manages investments and legal issues for the fund.

  12. Safety Town Committee

    Learn about Safety Town and the responsibilities of the committee.

  13. Senior Advisory Council

    The purpose of this council is to address concerns raised by senior citizens within the village. Crime trends and prevention measures are discussed as well.

  14. Special Events Commission

    The purpose of the Commission shall be to serve as an advisory body generating ideas, suggestions and recommendations and to otherwise assist in creating, planning and conducting special events within and for the village.

  15. Veterans Commission

    The purpose of the Commission shall be to recognize the contribution of residents of the Village who have served in the armed forces of the United States; to assist veterans in preserving their rights in obtaining benefits from various governmental agencies by cooperating with the agencies for the benefit of the veterans; and to educate the citizenry as to the accomplishments and contributions of veterans.

  16. Village Board of Trustees

    The Village Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Village of Romeoville.

  17. Youth Outreach Commission

    The mission of the Youth Outreach Commission is to serve as an advocate that collaborates and communicates resources and services that will engage youth of all ages and families to make positive choices to enhance their lives as well as their communities.

  18. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The board reviews and makes judgments on zoning appeals.