How We Repair Watermain Breaks

How do you repair watermain breaks?
Once we receive notice of a watermain break we:
  1. Dispatch a crew to the location
  2. Control the leak to reduce the risk to public safety, and private and public property. We do this by finding and closing valves
  3. Contact other utilities (JULIE locate) to make sure that we can dig without damaging other services or endangering staff or the public
  4. Pinpoint the location of the leak using a leak detection service
  5. Dig down to the watermain to confirm the cause of the leak
  6. Repair the watermain. Depending on the type of break, we may apply a repair clamp or replace a length of pipe
  7. Open the valves to turn the water back on, flush the watermain and sample water quality. If necessary, a boil order may be issued to which a notice will be delivered door to door informing residents.
  8. Backfill the area to temporarily restore the excavated area
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