Road Updates

Any questions or concerns, including individuals with disabilities who may require special accommodations, should be addressed with the Public Works Department at 815-886-1870.

Public Works 2016 Street Resurfacing Locations

Street To From Status
Alyssum Court
Amaryllis Court     Incomplete
Amaryllis Drive     Incomplete
Arlington Drive Dalhart Avenue Spangler Drive Incomplete
Aster Court
Aster Drive     Incomplete
Belmont Court     Incomplete
Bodega Drive     Incomplete
Clifton Avenue Belmont Drive Berkshire Avenue Incomplete
Coral Reef Court     Incomplete
Daffodil Drive     Incomplete
Echo Avenue Essex Avenue Beacon Avenue Incomplete
Farragut Avenue Corona Avenue Hudson Avenue Incomplete
Gladiolus Drive  
Glen Avenue Belmont Drive Montrose Drive Incomplete
Hudson Avenue Normantown Drive Hillcrest Avenue Incomplete
Laguna Court     Incomplete
Lavender Drive     Incomplete
Malibu Drive     Incomplete
Monterey Drive     Incomplete
Murphy Drive Savannah Drive West Malibu Drive Incomplete
Princeton Drive Malibu Drive Sunset Pointe Incomplete
Redondo Drive     Incomplete
San Mateo Drive     Incomplete
Watercrest Court     Incomplete
Yates Avenue Belmont Drive Newland Avenue Incomplete
Zinnia Drive     Incomplete