Road Updates

Any questions or concerns, including individuals with disabilities who may require special accommodations, should be addressed with the Public Works Department at 815-886-1870.

Public Works 2018 Street Resurfacing Locations

Street From To Status
Linden Ave. Murphy Dr. Hamrick Ave. Incomplete
Bristol Camden Ave. Spangler Dr. Incomplete
Hemlock Homer Murphy Incomplete
Wild Rose Lane Heritage Pkwy. Princeton Ave. Incomplete
Quincy Court Wild Rose Lane   Incomplete
Camden Belmont Dr. Arlington Dr. Incomplete
Montrose Dr. Nelson Ave. Normantown Rd. Incomplete
Martingale Ave.     Incomplete
Ferndale Ave.     Incomplete
Drewsbury Lane     Incomplete
Gorman Dr.     Incomplete
Kempton Dr.     Incomplete
Dartmoor Ave.     Incomplete
Chelton Rd.     Incomplete
Gainsborough Dr.     Incomplete
Lexington Dr.     Incomplete
Ascot Lane     Incomplete
Claire Ave.     Incomplete
Julia Dr.     Incomplete
Lemoyne Ave.     Incomplete
Sonoma Ct.     Incomplete
Tahoe Lane     Incomplete
Sonoma Lane     Incomplete