1. Building Division

    The Building Division ensures that all new construction and private improvements are in compliance with the Buildings Codes utilized by the Village of Romeoville. This department also coordinates building permits and on-site inspections of all new residential, commercial, and industrial construction within the community.

  2. Business Information Survey

    Please take our survey and tell us about your business.

  3. Business Licenses

    All businesses operating in the Village of Romeoville are required by Chapter 113 of the Village Ordinance to have a current Business License for each location unless the business is exempt by State Law.

  4. Business License Process (PDF)

    Review the process flow chart for obtaining a business license.

  5. Business Listing

    View a map of businesses in Romeoville.

  6. Business Ordinances

    View business ordinances for the Village of Romeoville.

  7. Future Partners

    As we begin our partnership together, we will demonstrate that we stay committed and keep our values simple: caring for our fellow neighbors, assisting our businesses, and providing quality services.

  8. Incentives

    The Village of Romeoville offers several forms of assistance and development incentives for the purpose of attracting and retaining businesses.

  9. Liquor Ordinances

    View liquor ordinances for the Village of Romeoville.

  10. Opening a Business

    Find information to help you learn how to open a business in Romeoville.

  11. Romeoville Advantage

    The Village of Romeoville is enthusiastically committed to the many projects which will build upon the solid economic foundation already in place.