1. Building Permits

    Building permits are required for most home improvements or additions so that the building inspectors may inspect the job for safety, zoning, compliance, and sound construction practice.

  2. Development Progress

    View the most recent commercial, industrial, residential, and transportation updates.

  3. Development Regulations (PDF)

    Review the development regulations to ensure proper development of structures.

  4. Downtown Development

    Take a look at some of the redevelopment projects in the downtown area.

  5. Eastside Plan

    The Village of Romeoville was recently awarded a 2011 Community Planning Grant from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

  6. Economic Development Commission

    The mission of this Commission is to advise and recommend to the Mayor and Board of Trustees initiatives that continually improve the quality of life within the village by creating, promoting and supporting a business, educational and recreational environment that is diversified, vibrant and caring.

  7. Land Development

    Review the process and procedure for land development and applications.

  8. Utilities

    Find local resources for utilities in the Village of Romeoville.

  9. Zoning Code (PDF)

    View the Village of Romeoville zoning code.

  10. Zoning Map

    View the Village of Romeoville zoning map.