Downtown Development

  1. Awards & Recognitions

    View some of the awards and recognitions the Village of Romeoville have received for community redevelopment.

  2. Downtown Redevelopment Commission

    The Downtown Redevelopment Commission shall provide advice and comment to the Village Board on matters pertinent to the creation, growth and development of the downtown district within the Village of Romeoville.

  3. Edward Hospital Athletic & Event Center

    Throughout the planning and redevelopment process it was evident that this area needed a focal point. After much discussion, the Village Board and Staff decided to construct the Athletic and Event Center, that draws crowds from around the region.

  4. Franconi's Grocery & Fat Ricky's Restaurant

    The development will be located at the northwest corner of IL Route 53 and Alexander Circle in front of the recently constructed Edward Hospital Athletic and Events Center.

  5. Romeoville Athletic & Event Center

    The Romeoville Athletic and Event Center is a state of the art, indoor athletic competition complex and center for events, featuring over 40,000 square feet of column free and high ceiling turfed fields, in addition the facility will have 2 full size high school basketball courts-convertible to 4 regulation volleyball courts or 4 junior high basketball courts.

  6. Spartan Square Environmental Clean Up

    The Village obtained a USEPA Brownfield Clean-Up Grant for remediation at a 9.5-acre portion of the Spartan Square Shopping Center.

  7. TIF District Information

    The Downtown Redevelopment along with many other improvements are funded through the Tax Increment Finance District (TIF).

  8. Uptown Square

    Although the Village of Romeoville lacks a traditional downtown area, the Village has a 40-acre established site that is defined as Uptown Square.

  9. Uptown Retail Center/Harris Bank