Early Childhood Recreational Programs




Bring your little one to explore the world of art without the mess at home! Each class will have a set project with the freedom to let their imagination run wild.

AGE: 4-7    FEE: $42R / $63NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE     TIME     DAY(S)
2080101-1    9/16-10/21    5PM-5:50PM    WEDNESDAY
2080101-2    10/28-12/9    5PM-5:50PM    WEDNESDAY


Wiggle and giggle to the Tot Rock beat! An introductory music and movement class with a large sensory component, tots will use hand-held rhythm instruments and play props to improve their motor skills and coordinaton, and learn new songs and rhymes. While kick starting your tot’s imagination, each class will provide structured and unstructured time to explore. A different eductional theme presented each session. Much more than a music class, join us to sing, dance, learn, and play the Tot Rock way!  

AGE: 1-2   FEE: $58R / $87NR    MIN/MAX: 8/12

CODE           DATE             TIME                        DAY(S)
2081401-A    9/10-10/15      9:30AM-10:10AM    THURSDAY
2081401-B    10/29-12/10    9:30AM-10:10AM    THURSDAY


Music fun that can’t be “beat!”. Each Kid Rock class includes creative, energetic activities based on a new educational theme each session! Children learn new songs, rhymes, and gross motor skills while using rhythm instruments and movement props. Your child’s listening skills will develop, while fine motor and coordination improves through imaginative play and sensory integration. Much more than a music class, join us to sing, dance, learn and play the Kid Rock way!  

AGE: 2-5          FEE: $58R / $87NR    MIN/MAX: 8/12

CODE           DATE            TIME                          DAY(S)
2081402-A    9/10-10/15     10:15AM-10:55AM    THURS
2081402-B    10/29-12/10   10:15AM-10:55AM    THURS


Sing, dance, play and learn YOUR way in this virtual music and movement class! Registered participants will receive an email from Rock ‘n’ Kids on Mondays at 8 a.m. with that week’s pre-recorded, private, 30-minute virtual class, allowing families to participate on their own time. The session’s musical activities will be based on the theme of “A Whole New World!” Each week we will pretend to ride on our magic carpets to explore a new place! A pirate ship? The jungle? Outerspace? It will be a musical adventure! Activities will include opening songs, weekly theme introduction, 5-6 additional music activities, and closing songs. Class activities will involve rhythm, fine and gross motor, imaginative play, sensory integration and listening skills. 

AGE: 1-6    FEE: $44R / $66NR

CODE           DATE           TIME                      DAY(S)
2081404-A    9/14-10/19    8:00AM-8:30AM    MONDAY
2081404-B    10/26-12/7    8:00AM-8:30AM    MONDAY


Enroll in our in-person Tot Rock or Kid Rock class and add on our virtual Rockin’ at Home class for a great value and increased learning for your child! The benefits of being enrolled in both include enhancement of that week’s lesson by utilizing the supplemental activities included with the virtual lessons, improving your child’s confidence and skills by reinforcing what they just learned in person, and the ability to use the virtual class as a make up class! The Rock Out Package includes one-on-one fun in person AND family fun at home!

AGE: 1-6    FEE: $15R / $23NR    

CODE     DATE     TIME     DAY(S)
2081405-A    9/14-10/19    8:00AM-8:30AM    MONDAY
2081405-B    10/26-12/7    8:00AM-8:30AM    MONDAY


Each week join us for an evening of fun and play. This class focuses on the opportunity to socialize, story time, free play and a craft. This is a parent inclusion class.

AGE: 1-3    FEE: $33R / $50NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE           TIME                 DAY(S)
2081802-A    9/14-10/19    6PM-6:45PM    MONDAY
2081802-B    11/2-12/7      6PM-6:45PM    MONDAY


Find new ways for you and your little one to get up and get active. Each week discover fun ways to get moving from obstacle courses, a dance party, a nature walk and much more! This class focuses on developing gross motor skills. This is a parent- tot program.

AGE: 2-4    FEE: $28R / $42NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE     DATE     TIME     DAY(S)
2081803-A    10/6-11/10    5:20PM-6PM    TUESDAY


Does your little one love to be creative and build with Legos? Each week, participants will put on their thinking caps and discover learning through Legos. Exciting Lego based activities will be explored each week.

AGE: 4-6    FEE: $30R / $45NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE         TIME                      DAY(S)
2081804-A    9/15-9/29    5:30PM-6:15PM    TUESDAY


Parents and tots, join us in a fun time running, playing, and meeting new friends. Toddler open gym is designed to let your child run free and explore in a safe place. Toddlers can explore soccer, basketball, t-ball, or crawl through tunnels, walk on beams, scoot around, and so much more! Guided activities are not provided. Register by the Monday before class to reserve your spot. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

AGE: 1-6    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 8/30

CODE              DATE    TIME     DAY(S)
2081810-A       9/24       10:00AM-1:00PM    THURSDAY
2081810-B       10/8       10:00AM-1:00PM    THURSDAY
2081810-C       11/5      10:00AM-1:00PM    THURSDAY
2081810-D       11/19     10:00AM-1:00PM    THURSDAY