What is the payment policy?
The course tuition must be paid in three installments. The first payment is due the first day of the course. The second payment is due 10 days later, and the third payment is due 10 days after that. A
$ 200.00 deposit is required during registration to secure your slot in the course, and this deposit is subtracted from what your first payment would be.

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1. How do I become a Firefighter in Illinois?
2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B)
3. What is the payment policy?
4. Can I use my G.I. Bill benefits to help pay for the course?
5. How much is the class?
6. Is Basic Operations Firefighter (BOF) different than Firefighter II?
7. Do I need to be on a fire department in order to attend the B.O.F. Academy?
8. If I successfully graduate the course will that get me a job with the Romeoville Fire Dept.?
9. So if the OSFM will not allow me to get certified as a civilian, will I be wasting my time attending the course?
10. Can I be sponsored by a fire department to attend the course? Will the Romeoville Fire Department sponsor me?
11. What equipment is required for the course?
12. Where do I get this equipment?
13. What else will I need for the course?
14. Is the class physically demanding?