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1. How do I become a Firefighter in Illinois?
2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B)
3. What is the payment policy?
4. Can I use my G.I. Bill benefits to help pay for the course?
5. How much is the class?
6. Is Basic Operations Firefighter (BOF) different than Firefighter II?
7. Do I need to be on a fire department in order to attend the B.O.F. Academy?
8. If I successfully graduate the course will that get me a job with the Romeoville Fire Dept.?
9. So if the OSFM will not allow me to get certified as a civilian, will I be wasting my time attending the course?
10. Can I be sponsored by a fire department to attend the course? Will the Romeoville Fire Department sponsor me?
11. What equipment is required for the course?
12. Where do I get this equipment?
13. What else will I need for the course?
14. Is the class physically demanding?