Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs

Spooky Stories in the Jungle

It’s almost Halloween and we are gearing up for this spooky holiday by reading (not so) scary stories in the jungle.  Halloween themed activities, crafts and snacks will be provided.  Program held in the Jungle Safari Indoor Playground.  All participants must wear socks.

AGE: 3-6    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 5/8

CODE             DATE   TIME      DAY(S)
2080710-A      10/29    5:30PM-6:30PM    FRIDAY

Halloween Gore-tastic Lab

Investigate what makes Halloween so chilling in this electrifying science workshop. Have fun with weird and horrifying Halloween concepts like: puking pumpkins, static powered witches, horrific Halloween pranks, blood and bruises, the science of a haunted fall carnival, creepy candy experiments, and more ghoulish Halloween exploration! 

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $27R / $40NR    MIN/MAX: 7/15

CODE             DATE  TIME     DAY(S)
2115130-A      10/14    5:00PM-6:00PM    THURSDAY


Gobble, Gobble!  Get prepared to celebrate Gobble day with themed crafts, activities, and playtime in the jungle safari. A small snack will be provided.  Program held in the Jungle Safari Indoor Playground.  All participants must wear socks. Inform the front desk of any allergies.

AGE: 3-6    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 5/8

CODE             DATE   TIME     DAY(S)
2080713-A      11/19    5:30PM-6:30PM    FRIDAY

Holiday Hangouts

These 3 hour Holiday Hangouts are designed to give kids a fun outing while parents can prep for the upcoming holiday. They will include pizza, activities and games themed to the holiday, obstacle course play in the gymnastics room, and much more! If the 3 hours doesn’t fit perfectly with your schedule you may drop off and pick up at any time, just please reach out to ahead of time. Kids must be potty-trained. Register 7 days prior! Choose from Halloween, Harvest, and Holiday (or all of them!) 

AGE: 4-12    FEE: $18R / $27NR    MIN/MAX: 4/25

CODE              DATE     TIME                         DAY(S)
2121801-01     10/29      6:00PM-9:00PM        FRIDAY
2121801-02     11/19      6:00PM-9:00PM        FRIDAY
2121801-03     12/17      6:00PM-9:00PM        FRIDAY

Kidinary Academy School’s Out Cooking Camp w/ Cupcake Wars

Schools out means cooking camp is in sessions with LUNCH INCLUDED. Join us for a fun filled day as we explore the culinary arts that is full of a variety of amazing flavors and cultures. Kidinary chefs will love diving into tasty nutritiously delicious dishes as they create their culinary dishes for lunch.  During the last hour, kidinary chefs will compete in a friendly competition for the next Cupcake Wars winner. This is one of our most popular camps so be sure to register early and let us know of any allergies upon registering. 

Menu: October 29 - Homemade Pasta with Red Sauce and Cupcake Wars. ** Inform front desk of any allergies upon registration.

AGE: 7-13    FEE: $45R / $68NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE             DATE    TIME                        DAY(S)
2150805-A      10/29     9:00AM-12:00PM    FRIDAY

ELF Training

It’s nice to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture! Buddy the Elf here to teach YOU how to be the best Elf around this holiday season. Buddy the Elf will be here training little human elves how to pose like an Elf, talk like an Elf, eat like an Elf, and play like an Elf! We will be doing a variety of Elf Crafts, Games and Activities while tasting all the Elves favorite treats! Registration is per child and includes all materials and a photo with Buddy the Elf.

AGE: 4-12    FEE: $18R / $27NR    MIN/MAX: 10/30

2121802-1      12/15    5:30PM-7:00PM    WEDNESDAY

Kidinary Cooking Academy: Holiday Baking Extravaganza

Do you have a baker at home that loves to create sweet treats ? This series is perfect for them as we will be whipping up a variety of treats  for your baker to enjoy and take home for holiday gifts. Your chef will leave class knowing how to create a delectable variety of holiday treats baked from the heart to take home to loved ones to enjoy in a decorated gift box . Treats include homemade donuts, cookies, and more. 

** Inform front desk of any allergies upon registration.

AGE: 7-13    FEE: $30R / $150NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE             DATE    TIME                      DAY(S)
2150804-A      12/20      5:00PM-7:00PM    MONDAY
2150804-B      12/22      5:00PM-7:00PM    WEDNESDAY

12/20 - Homemade Mini Donuts and Holiday Cookies
12/22 - Holiday Cupcakes and Christmas Tree Brownies