Pigeon Drop Scam

About the Scam
The Police Department has received 2 reports within the past year of a scam occurring called a pigeon drop. The scam went like this: The victim is approached by an offender who states he has a winning lottery ticket, but cannot collect the winnings because he/she is an illegal immigrant and asks the victim for help. On 1 occasion the offender gave the victim a telephone number to call that was allegedly to the Lottery Commission to verify that illegal immigrants cannot collect from a winning lottery ticket. The victim called this number and received “verification” that an illegal immigrant cannot collect. The offender tells the victim he/she will split the lottery winnings if they help by putting up earnest money. When a bank withdrawal was made by the victim, the money was given to the offender. The offender appeared to place the money in a white bag and handed it back to the victim advising they could hold the money until it was needed. The offender then left the victim and the victim opened the bag and it only contained shredded paper, and no money. In one of these instances a 3rd person was brought into this scam by the offender who appeared to be just another person walking by. It turned out, this 3rd person was working with the offender.

Anyone approached by a person giving these or similar circumstances should know this is a fraud, and should call the police immediately.