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Philosophy & Objectives

The Athletic Philosophy of the Romeoville Recreation Department is to provide an environment of positive reinforcement through a controlled learning experience.

This can best be accomplished by our coaches combining the following:
  • Establishing a competitive yet fun atmosphere
  • Instruction of the fundamentals
  • Insuring participation for all
  • Stressing the importance of team work
  • Teaching social and leadership skills
The Romeoville Recreation Department youth sport objectives are:
  • To help young people develop physically by learning individual sporting skills and improving their physical conditioning.
  • To help young people grow socially, by learning to cooperate in a competitive context, by learning sportsmanship and by developing friendships with both young people and adults.
  • To help young people mature emotionally by developing self-confidence, self-control, and self-discipline. To teach responsibility, commitment, and a sense of leadership.
  • To provide young people with the opportunity to have safe supervised fun!