Open Space

Preserving open space helps preserve our quality of life. People expect their homes to be good investments for their future. They value clean water, clean air and a healthy environment, and love to hike, bike, camp, fish and enjoy natural areas minutes from home.

Open Space & Park Land Acquisition Plan
The adoption of the Open Space and Park Land Acquisition Plan by the Board set forth the goals and rationale for the acquisition of properties for open space and recreational purposes. By adopting the plan, the Village Board made a commitment to acquire property based on the NRPA standards in order to:
  • Preserve the quality of life in Romeoville
  • Reduce the burden of development on the school districts
  • Provide opportunities for children to participate in structured activities
  • Provide trails and walking paths in natural settings
  • Control urban sprawl
  • Improve and restore wild life habitat
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Provides opportunities for families to enjoy open space together
We strive to protect our residents’ property values and provide the best possible resources for our residents to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.