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Creative Play Preschool open enrollment begins Tuesday, January 2nd. Classes begin the week of January 8th and conclude at the end of May 2018. We are accepting 10 new students for our Junior Program on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:10am-11:40am. Children must be 3 years old and toilet trained. Our Senior Program will be accepting 3 students for classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:10am-11:40am. For more details or to schedule a visit, please contact Alisa Anders at 815-886-6258 or

Please contact alisa anders, with any questions about Creative Play Preschool - 815.886.6222 or

Creative Play Preschool provides children with the opportunity to participate in activities which develop them socially, emotionally, and intellectually into a self-assured child.

All children must be toilet trained. Birth certificates and the non-refundable deposit are required at the time of registration. Registration begins June 6th and ends August 20th.

Creative play juniors — 8/29 - 5/22

The junior program is designed to encourage creative free play, increase social skills, enhance gross motor development and get a head start on what to expect in a classroom situation. All children must have their 3rd birthday by August 1, 2017 - no exceptions will be made.
Offered Tuesday/Thursday    9:10am - 11:40am & 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Age: 3      Fee: $656/R - $984/NR     Min/Max: 12/40  

Creative play seniors — 8/28 - 5/21

The senior program is designed to encourage children to interact with a peer group, develop feelings of self-worth, attain self-control and responsibility, stimulate creativity, imagination, and help initiate an interest in learning and discovery. All children must be entering kindergarten the fall of 2018 - no exceptions will be made.
Offered Monday/Wednesday/Friday    9:10am - 11:40am & 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Age: 4     Fee: $856/R - $1280/NR     Min/Max: 12/40     

evening Creative play —8/29 - 5/22

Evening Creative Play combines both the juniors’ and seniors’ curriculum into one exciting class for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Lessons and activities develop fine and gross motor skills, encourage free play, and enhance social skills. This program allows both juniors and seniors to work together in a safe and fun environment.
Offered Tuesday/Thursday    5:30pm - 7:30pm

Age: 3 to 5     Fee: $600/R - $896/NR     Min/Max: 12/20

kindergarten ready —8/28 - 5/21

This class is for children who do not meet kindergarten age requirements and will help them excel when entering the following year. Skills that will be taught are reading, spelling, math and solmization. This four days per week class will also help prepare your child for the schedule of kindergarten.

Offered Monday - Thursday    12:30pm - 3:00pm

Age: 4 to 5     Fee: $1,056/R - $1,584/NR     Min/Max: 8/20