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community basketball

The players in the program will learn the game of basketball while developing a team concept and socializing with children their own age.  Practice times will vary throughout the week.  Practices will be held at local elementary schools and the Recreation Center.  There will be a player evaluation for players in 4th grade and higher.   Players in kindergarten through 3rd grade will be placed on teams by the Athletic Supervisor and coaches.  The Community Basketball program needs volunteer coaches at all levels for this program to be successful.  For more information on becoming a volunteer coach for the upcoming season, please contact the Athletic Supervisor, at (815) 886-6222.


GRADES: K-8    FEE: $99R-$104R / $124NR-$129  


intramural high school basketball leagues 

The intramural High School Basketball League will start early this season. Teams will be assembled in December with practice beginning in early January.  The season will start the first Sunday in January.  Participants cannot be on a high school basketball team anytime during this season.   We are always in need of volunteer coaches. For more information on becoming a volunteer coach please contact the Athletic Supervisor, at (815) 886-6222.


AGE: HS     FEE: $111R / $134NR    MIN/MAX: 15/40

kids first: Dodgeball camp

Holiday Dodge it! Dodge Ball Games every session ending with a competitive Championship Game on the last day. This Fun moving sport will provide team competition and individual challenge matches on the court. Kids will have a blast running, throwing, dodging and ducking their way to victory; while getting their bodies in shape. Kids Love It!

AGE: 7-9     FEE: $49R / $73NR    MIN/MAX: 6/40

kids first: holiday baseball camps

Baseball Camp teaches kids: A fundamentals approach to field position training, batting techniques, body balance, throwing, fielding, first step directional movements, pitching, base running and sportsmanship. The baseball camp concludes with a Championship Game. Kids Love It

AGE: 6-12     FEE: $49R / $73NR    MIN/MAX: 6/24

kids first: holiday basketball camp

Basketball camp teaches kids: Basketball fundamentals- which provide players a step by step process helping kids knees absorb the consistent pounding of jumping up and down. Holiday basket! Basketball Games & Preparation; Players will be fulfilled with new basketball skills and safety to make them game ready. Kids Love It! Camp offers: Skills Contest & Championship Basketball game. PLUS techniques on Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, speed & quickness, body balance, first step directional movements, floor spacing, basketball safety awareness and sportsmanship.

AGE: 6-8     FEE: $49R / $73NR    MIN/MAX: 6/24

kids first: holiday soccer camp 

Indoor Soccer Break! Soccer Games-Games-Games! Excellent Coaches will prepare Players prior to games taking place each session. Skills taught: first step directional movements, ball handling, passing, goal scoring, headers, field positioning, goalie positioning, & safety. Teams will be selected by Kids First Coach to be fair and balanced for best competition. A championship game will take place on the last session day.

AGE: 5-6 & 7-12    FEE: $49R / $73NR    MIN/MAX: 6/32

kids first: tennis

Tennis program teaches kids: Fundamentals for the sport of tennis. Excellent Coaches prepare each players body to make consistent swings with the racket giving them a competitive edge over their competition. Plus, techniques on ball spins, speed & quickness techniques, body balance, first step directional movements, tennis safety awareness and sportsmanship.  The program concludes with individual skills contest & championship tennis matches. Kids Love it!

AGE: 6-8 & 9-14    FEE: $89R / $133NR    MIN/MAX: 6/24

kids first: track & field

Run, Run, Run! Speed, Quickness, Agility program thru Track & Field Events. Excellent Coaches will focus on teaching sprints, hurdles, jumps, running, and throws in a safe and fundamental way.  The program consists of Body Balance Techniques; speed, quickness and agility drills, producing a quicker, safer more powerful performer. A series of team relay races makes indoor/outdoor Track & Field fun and entertaining.  Program concludes with an event Championship Series. Kids Love It!

AGE: 5-6 & 7-13    FEE: $64R / $96NR    MIN/MAX: 6/24

kids first: volleyball camp

Holiday Volleyball! Games and Instruction each day- Players practice at the start of each session leading to competitive volleyball games. Excellent Coaches prepare the players to succeed through the teachings of volleyball drills that will increase SKILLS & SAFETY through Fundamentals. Kids will Love It!Don’t stop play due to summer ending! Sign up for our Fall Baseball League.  Teams practice once a week and play one game a week on Thursday nights at Wesglen Park (120 S. Wesglen Parkway).

AGE: 7-13     FEE: $49R / $73NR    MIN/MAX: 6/24


Healthy Kids Running Series is a national, community-based non-profit that provides a fun, inclusive five-week running series, designed for kids to get active, feel accomplished and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Participants will be sperated by age groups. Register at

AGE: 2-14     FEE: $40         MIN/MAX: 10/100


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