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T-Ball, Little Ball & Coach Pitch

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kids first dodgeball

Dodge this! Participants play games every day ending with a competitive Championship Game. This fun sport will provide team competition and individual challenge matches on the court. Kids will have a blast running, throwing, dodging and ducking their way to victory.   Age: 7 to 13   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR     For Details, Click Here

kids first blast ball

Batter UP! Blast Ball is the introduction to baseball played with a soft bat and ball, no glove is needed. Each player bats once an inning and no scores are kept. Blast Ball consists of one base and it makes a “honking” noise when a player steps on it. Major League Baseball recognized Blast Ball as part of its campaign to promote the resurgence of baseball at the grass-roots level. Age: 4 to 6   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR      For Details, Click Here

kids first balloon ball

Balloon Ball is like soccer with kids being allowed to pick up the ball and run, throw or kick it in one of the two goals for a score. The action is a bit faster, with fewer rules than soccer so kids are not being corrected as much in this new fast pace game. Kids will be taught coordination and balance along with the importance of exercise that their bodies need.  Age: 4 to 5   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR      For Details, Click Here

kids first flag football

Coaches raises the skill and excitement level for the players by teaching fundamentals for each position leading into playing Flag Football Games. A championship game will be played on the last day. Program works on skill positions training, techniques on speed & quickness, body balance, first step directional movements, football safety awareness and sportsmanship. Age: 6 to 8   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR         Age: 9 to 13   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR          For Details, Click Here 

kids first soccer

Feel the excitement of scoring a goal! Kids will have plenty of fun with experienced coaches teaching game techniques that give kids confidence and skills. Coaches will combine body balance & speed drills with FUN preparation soccer drills, making this program ideal for beginners to advanced players. Participants work on first step directional movements, ball handling, headers, goalie positioning and sportsmanship. Session concludes with a championship soccer game.  Age: 6 to 12   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR      For Details, Click Here

mini soccer 

This class is a great introduction to soccer.  Basic soccer skills such as running, kicking, passing, and game play will be covered.  Games will be used to incorporate the skills taught during class in a fun and safe environment.  Each participant should bring a water bottle.   Age: 3 to 6   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR    For Details, Click Here   

super sports parent & tot

Play soccer, basketball, hockey, football, and baseball emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship with your little one. Age: 2 to 3   Fee: $50/R - $75/NR    For Details, Click Here 

all star sports t-ball

Your child can learn throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, running the bases, and how to play the game. Age: 3 to 4   Fee: $50/R - $75/NR        For Details, Click Here 

youth archery 

Participants will learn the parts of an arrow and recurve bow, the basics of using a recurve bow, and fundamental shooting skills in an extremely safe environment.  They also will learn and excellent, nationally recognized beginner’s 9-step to the 10 ring progression which was created by the Coaches Development Committee of the National Archery Association.  Blunt tipped arrows, bows, and targets are provided.  Both technique and games will be a part of this class.  Age: 7 to 12   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR             For Details, Click Here   

family archery 

Your entire family can learn archery, the parts of an arrow and recurve bow, the basics of using a recurve bow, a nationally recognized beginner’s 9-step to the 10 ring progression method, and fundamental shooting skills from an experienced instructor.  Bows, arrows, and targets are furnished.  Registration fee is for 1 adult and 1 child.  Age: 6 and up   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR           For Details, Click Here 

kids first track and field

Run with a SMILE! Coaches will focus on teaching sprints, hurdles, jumps, distance running and throws in a safe and fundamental way. The program consists of speed, quickness and agility drills, producing a quicker, safer more powerful performer. A wide variety of timed events will take place each class; concluding with an event championship series.    Age: 6 to 13   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR          For Details, Click Here   

adult & tot mini-kickers & t-ballers

Little athletes, with the help of their parents, work on body coordination, balance and self-confidence as they experience both the sports of soccer and t-ball.  Children learn basic kicking, throwing, running, batting and catching skills necessary for success in either of these two popular sports.  Give your child their first taste of t-ball and soccer. Age: 2 to 3   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR            For Details, Click Here     

multi-sport mania

Let’s play!  Your child explores the wide world of sports as they participate in a different sport each week, such as t-ball, basketball, soccer, golf, lacrosse and floor hockey.  Children get a lot of practice with skills through creative and fun drills and games.  Don’t miss out on the fun and bring a water bottle. Age: 3 to 6   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR          For Details, Click Here 

adult & tot sports stop

Moms, Dads or any significant adult can play an integral part in helping their tot experience basic sports movement.  Your tot will learn in a nurturing environment with gymnastics and sports equipment to introduce organized sports movement. Age: 2 to 3   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR          For Details, Click Here 

Tot Track, Field and Fitness 

This unique class will combine stretching, movement, and other fitness concepts with running, jumping, throwing and other skills used in track and field.  Children will work on body coordination, agility, balance, and self-confidence.  The session will conclude with a fun-filled track and field meet on the last day of class.  Each participant should bring a water bottle.   Age: 3 to 5   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR           For Details, Click Here 

adult & tot t-ball

Parents can enjoy America’s favorite pastime with their child.  Young children will develop motor skills while having fun throwing, catching, batting and base running like the big kids.  Parents and their little athletes will enjoy making new friends and working together to learn the basics of game play in this exciting class! Age: 2 to 3   Fee: $46/R - $69/NR          For Details, Click Here   

youth boxing level 1 

Youth Boxing will go over the basics of boxing, from the jab to combination. This program will build self-confidence while building on the boxing basics to succeed in the ring.  There will be some light sparring, so participants will need a mouth guard ($5), hand wraps ($15), and boxing gloves ($30). These items can be purchased from the instructor the first day of class.  Age: 6 to 14   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR           For Details, Click Here 

youth boxing level 2 

This program will continue to work on the skills learned in level 1 and build on your current skills.  Level 2 will prepare your boxer to take that next step into USA.   Level 2 participants will need permission from the instructor.  Age: 6 to 14   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR           For Details, Click Here  


Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run is a FREE, 1-day event for boys and girls. PHR is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball. The PITCH portion of the program will test how accurately a competitor can throw strikes to a designated “Strike Zone” target from a designated distance. Any method of underhand/overhand pitching or throwing is accepted. An attempt hitting ANY portion of the target will be deemed a strike. The HIT portion of the program will test a competitor’s ability to hit from a stationary batting tee, along a tape measure from home plate, toward straight-away centerfield. Hits will be measured for distance and accuracy. The RUN portion of the program will measure a competitor’s speed in a sprint from the start line, touching third base, and touching home plate. All participants will run a total of 120 feet.   Age: 7 to 14     Fee: FREE      For Details, Click Here


Are you sitting at home on Thursday nights with nothing to do?  Grab some friends and join our Nerf Attack League!  Team will consist of 6 players and play four 7 minute quarters in a capture the flag style.  Trophies and shirts awarded to top teams at the end of the season.  Grades 4 to 8     Fee: $32/R - $48/NR per player     For Details, Click Here


It’s getting close to beach season and what better way to spend it then playing sand volleyball! Each team will consist of 6 players with 4 playing at a time.  There will be a draft on May 7, 2019 to form teams.  Trophies and medals will be awarded to the tournament champions. League plays at Discovery Park. Grades 6-8 & 9-12     Fee: $65/R - $97/NR     For Details, Click Here


Kickball is a great way to spend time with friends. This will be a fun non-competitive league, great for any skill level.  Gather friends new and old and give this new league a try!  There will be a draft on Monday, May 13 to determine teams. Grades: 6-8th   Fee: $65/R - $97/NR      For Details, Click Here


Are you interested in having a fun time out with your friends? If so, join us for our golf outing at Boughton Ridge Golf Course. We will play a best ball format and prizes will be given out for lowest score, longest drive, longest putt, and most enthusiastic.  Grades: 6th to 8th   Fee: $24/R - $30/NR      For Details, Click Here

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