taekwondo tigers

This class is designed for the youngest students and those just beginning. In this class students will focus on developing balance, coordination and conditioning as well as a respect for the discipline of martial arts.

AGE:4-5    FEE: $60R / $90NR    MIN/MAX: 5/12

taekwondo cheetahs

This program is designed for the younger children to help them develop conditioning, coordination, listening skills, and self-confidence. Basic kicks and punches will be taught as well to help develop these skills.

AGE:6-7    FEE: $60R / $90NR    MIN/MAX: 5/12

taekwondo lions

This class will teach students to improve coordination, power of concentration, balance and both physical and mental discipline. This class includes a balanced cardiovascular workout, by working on punching, kicking and blocking skills, using the Taekwondo tradition and self-control.

AGE:8-12    FEE: $60R / $90NR    MIN/MAX: 5/12

Program Supervisor: Jason Buckholtz