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Maracas and clackers and tambourines, too; it’s musical fun just for you! Tot Rock is a unique music and learning program designed specifically for 1 year olds. Each session focuses on a new educational theme that incorporates hand held instruments, play props, sensory integration, coordination exercises, and socialization. Structured and unstructured time is included in each class. This is a parent inclusion class.

AGE: <1    FEE: $51R / $77NR    MIN/MAX: 8/8


Have a blast in free play geared towards stimulating your child’s senses! Explore, examine, and discover with new material each week. Children should wear play clothes that 


During this class, our chefs-in-training will learn how to make delicious, nutritious, and seasonal recipes including Pumpkin Spice Dip, Apple Pie, Creamy cucumber salad, Black Bean Salsa,  Baked Sweet Potato fries, and more!We will travel across the globe to learn about the cuisine and traditions of Mexico and Russia. Our little chefs will learn about seasonal eating, as well as the foundations of kitchen and knife safety. they will practice a variety of techniques such as mixing,measuring, chopping, dicing, whipping, brushing, decorating, and more!

AGE: 5-10    FEE: $128R / $192NR    MIN/MAX: 5/20


This fall, our chefs-in-training will learn how to make delicious and nutritious recipes including Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole, Three Sisters Salad,  Pear Parfaits, Rainbow Vegetable Pinwheels, and No-Bake Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake,to name but a few! We will travel across the globe to learn about the cuisine and traditions of Mexico and several Native American cultures. We will learn about fresh herbs and how they enhance the aroma and flavors of our dishes and practice.  Our little chefs will learn the foundations of kitchen and knife safety, and practice a variety of techniques such as mixing, measuring, chopping, dicing, whipping, brushing, decorating, and more!

AGE: 5-10    FEE: $128R / $192NR    MIN.MAX: 5/20


Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more! You’ll discover tricks and quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided, and each participant receives a magic kit to take home. This class will take place at the Plainfield Park District’s PARC Building (24550  W. Renwick Road, Plainfield, Illinois 60544).

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $30R / $45NR    MIN/MAX: 1/12


Lake Strini  Spend the day fishing at Lake Strini! Learn how to cast your reel, bait your hook and more. Bring your own fishing pole, all other supplies are provided. 

AGE: 6-12    FEE: $10R / $15NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10


Be exposed to a wide variety of crafting activites in Crafty Kids. Each class will challenge your child's imagination and creativty while having fun!

AGE: 5-10    FEE: $48R / $72NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10


Make your own masterpieces and explore your favorite art form. This class focuses on a variety of art medias including but not limited to, painting, drawing, and collage. Students will have a blast discovering their creativity and self-expression.

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $42R / $63NR    MIN/MAX: 5/12


This class focuses on the basics of drawing. Students will learn a variety of skills and gain knowledge. All drawing skills are welcome.

AGE:5-12    FEE: $35R / $53NR    MIN/MAX: 5/12


Kid Rock is a music and movement program designed to stimulate development through interactive play. Fine and gross motor skills are improved through imagination exercises, and by using rhythm instruments and movement props such as tambourines, maracas, scarves, and a parachute. Presented in a structured format, Kid Rock encourages cooperation and following directions. Each session focuses on a new educational theme

AGE:2-5    FEE: $51R / $77NR    MIN/MAX: 8/12

LEGO Robotics Academy

The LEGO Robotics Academy is a comprehensive, repeatable after school program where children learn to design, build and program robots. Using a creative educational approach that supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

AGE: 6-14    FEE: $72R / $108NR    MIN/MAX: 4/16

LEGO Engineering Academy

LEGO engineers in this class will learn about machines that move and how they move. By building race cars, cranes, a motorized dog, solar windmills, and a pneumatic lifts, boys and girls learn basic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts. Students gain skills and confidence through creating, exploring and problem-solving.

AGE: 7-14    FEE: $72R / $108NR    MIN/MAX: 4/12

STEM- How to Code

In this exciting class, children learn programming essentials with software developed by MIT, and other recognized teaching institutions. It allows children to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations. This class is a multi-level program where children are placed based on skills and experience. Students can move up a level each time they take the class to more advanced concepts.

AGE: 8-14    FEE: $72R / $108NR    MIN/MAX: 4/12

Drama kids

Drama Kids is a remarkable, high-energy program that enhances critical thinking and public speaking skills, while boosting self-esteem!  Each fun & educational class will provide children many opportunities to use their imagination and express themselves.  We encourage both effective verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate.  Character analysis, creative movement along with memorization of mini-scripts, improvisation, classroom performing and theater games aid in raising confidence!  All students love to 'act up' with a purpose! No class 10/31 or 11/14.

AGE: 6-11    FEE: $96R / $144NR    MIN/MAX: 6/20

kinder kids

Kinder Kids is an excellent way to introduce young children to dramatic art! We are high-energy, fun & educational program that teaches early, positive social skills, and strives to build self-esteem of all participants through the use of drama techniques. We encourage imaginative thinking and expression! We will also work on non-verbal communication and movement, as well as develop speech with ad-libbing and memorization of mini-scripts along with a variety of all theater games.

*A free performance for family and friends will complete this session. (No classes 10/31 or 11/14)

AGE: 4-6    FEE: $90R / $135NR    MIN/MAX: 5/20


This 4-week class is designed to demonstrate proper etiquette and good manners (that are always in style), which will include topics such as: Mealtime manners, the art of table setting, phone manners, grooming/proper hygiene, successful job interviews and Internet safety.

AGE: 13-18    FEE: $60R / $90NR    MIN/MAX: 10/20

Rock the Runway

Designed to provide the foundation to understanding and practicing techniques of trained runway models that demonstrate poise, confidence and positive body image.  Topics will include healthy eating, grooming/hygiene, positive communication skills and of course Runway!

AGE: 10-17    FEE: $60R / $90NR    MIN/MAX: 5/20

board game night

Spend the night playing board games while making friends. Bring your favorite game or choose one that is provided. Light refreshments will be served. Families are welcomed.

AGE: 5-14    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 4/15

Zumba® kids

Zumba Kids® Classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. Age: 7 to 11   Fee: $12/R - $18/NR 
For details, click here.

Program Supervisor: Alisa Anders

Halloween Themed Programs

Scary Stories in the Jungle Safari

It’s almost Halloween and we are gearing up for this spooky holiday by reading (not so) scary stories in the jungle.  Halloween themed activities, crafts and snacks will be provided.  Program held in the Jungle Safari Indoor Playground.  All participants must wear socks.

AGE: 3-5    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

AGE: 5-7    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

The History and Science of Halloween Candy

Kids can become an expert on these three beloved candies as we explore the rich history of where M&M’s, CANDY CORN, and PEEPS originated.  Next, the class will transform into scientists to conduct several candy experiments to gain a deeper understanding of these nostalgic sweets.  Class will culminate with taste tests and other candy themed activities all while building self-esteem in an electrifying educational setting.  This is a child’s dream class and all about putting the fun back into learning!

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $25R / $37NR    MIN/MAX: 7/15

Halloween Science A Horrifying Haunted Lab

Investigate what makes Halloween so chilling in this electrifying science workshop. Have fun with weird and wacky concepts like: pumpkins puking, static powered witches, healthy Halloween pranks, and more! Themed souvenirs included.

AGE: 6-13    FEE: $25R / $37NR    MIN/MAX: 7/15


Bring the family in for fun and easy pumpkin decorating. Skip the mess and leave it to us!  Pumpkin not included; all other materials provided.

AGE: 3-12    FEE: $5R / $8NR    MIN/MAX: 6/12


Pop on over to our not so scary Spooktacular Bash! Participants will play Halloween themed games, do a monster craft, and more! Light refreshments will be served. Costumes encouraged.

AGE: 5-8    FEE: $15R / $23NR    MIN/MAX: 6/12


 Don't wake the dead! Participants will become a zombie through learning zombie makeup and designing their own zombie shirt. Participants will play zombie game and enjoy light refreshments.  

AGE: 7-12    FEE: $20R / $30NR    MIN/MAX: 6/12

Halloween Dog Treats 

Create spooky dog treats for your favorite fur-child! These no-bake all natural dog treats are the perfect snack for your furry friend. Ingredients included oats, peanut butter and sweet potatoes. All ingredients included. You will be able to take home your treats and Halloween themed treat mold. *Like all treats, it's best to supervise your pup while snacking. All dogs react differently to ingredients, so make sure your dog can eat the listed ingredients. You know your dog best! *Children and teens may attend if supervised by a parent. Must register separately.

Program Supervisor: Alisa Anders

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