Will I have access to my driveway?

If the curb and/or sidewalk across your driveway requires replacement, access will be blocked until the work is complete. The process typically consists of removing the old concrete, installing new concrete, and completing any patches to the driveway if needed. The process can take up to one week as the new concrete must cure before it is strong enough for vehicle loading. The contractor is responsible for issuing notices to each home in which work will be done in front of a driveway. These notices are required to be delivered a few days in advance of work. The contractor also will knock on the resident’s door the morning the work will begin.

While access is blocked to the driveway, vehicles can park on the street but may be directed to certain locations by the contractor to allow access to work areas. The Police Department will be notified and overnight parking will be allowed for the affected driveways.

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