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Food Truck License

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    Please complete entire application Please note: Any misrepresentation or falsification of the information sought below may result in revocation of the license as granted and fines may be applicable.
  3. Application Fee: $50
  4. The following information is required
  5. 1. Where is the food preparation establishment where food items are to be prepared and/or packaged for sale by food truck operator from the food truck (proved copes of the establishment’s most recent health inspection report and Will County Health Department permits and copies of the same documentation with respect to the food truck and/or food truck operator.
  6. 4. A list of locations and times the food truck will be conducting its operations within the Village, which may be amended from time to time by the food truck operator to reflect its then-current operations of the food truck, subject to the review and approval of the Department of Community Development.
  7. Payment is not due until after the approval process has been completed.
  8. I understand that the issuance of this license is conditioned upon compliance with all Village Ordinances and Codes and the results of any inspections of above premises at this time or any subsequent inspections while this license is in force.
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