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2022 RomeoFest Food Vendor Survey

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  2. 1. How would you rate the overall registration process?
  3. 2. Was the online application easy to complete?
  4. 3. Were you pleased with the way the final menu and pricing was chosen?
  5. 4. Were you pleased with the way the booth locations were chosen?
  6. 5. How would you rate the cost of the vendor space?
  7. 6. How would you rate the following staff?
  8. 7. How clean was...
  9. 8. How would you rate the following...
  10. 9. Which day was your most profitable?
  11. 10. Which day was your least profitable?
  12. 11. Are you a returning vendor from 2019?
  13. If yes, were your sales lower or higher in 2022?
  14. 12. Were the hours of operation each day sufficient?
  15. 14. Please rate your overall experience.
  16. 16. Are you interested in returning in 2023?
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