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Community Basketball Survey

  1. Community Basketball Survey

  2. Grade Level*

    Which level did your child participate in?

  3. Please rate your experience with our basketball program.*

  4. Did your child have fun while participating in the program? *

  5. Please rate the fee for the league.*

  6. Did your child learn new skills or better develop previous ones?*

  7. Was the coach of your child’s team knowledgeable? *

  8. Was the schedule easy to read and make sense for you?*

  9. The number of practices was sufficient for skill development?*

  10. Please leave us your contact information.

  11. How did you hear about the Community Basketball program?*

  12. Would you recommend this class or program to others?*

  13. Would you/your child consider returning to play again next year? *

  14. Do you have any additional comments about your experience?

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