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Dance Program Winter Spring Survey 2023

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  2. Romeoville Dance Program Survey

    If you participated in more than one dance program, please fill out a separate survey for each class. If you have more than one child who participated in different classes, please fill out a separate survey for each class. 

  3. Please rate your experience with our program*
  4. Did you or your child learn new skills or better develop previous skills?*
  5. Who was the instructor(s)? (check all that apply)*
  6. Was the instructor knowledgeable?*
  7. Which recital was available to participate in?*
  8. Did you or your child participate in the recital?*
  9. Please rate the experience of the recital:*
  10. Please rate the fee for the program*
  11. Would you/your child consider participating again? *
  12. Would you recommend this class or program to others?*
  13. How did you hear about the program? (select all that apply)
  14. Thank you for your time and feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our programming!
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