Exit Drill in the Home (EDITH)

Have an Escape Plan
The worst feeling is to hear the smoke alarm sound and you don't know what to do or where to go. Make a drawing of your home and where all the windows and doors are located. Decide which way is the fastest way out if you had a fire at a certain portion in the home. It would not hinder you to place the fire in different parts of the home so that you and your children can brainstorm new ways to escape. This Sparky Escape Plan (PDF) should get you started.

Know at Least 2 Ways Out
It is a good idea to know 1 way out if a fire should start. What would be even better is if you had 2 ways out of the home. This is just in case the primary way out is blocked by smoke or fire.

To most it would be beneficial to have a fire safety ladder to be able to climb out of a window that is too high to exit safely. If you don‛t have a ladder place a pillowcase, sheet or shirt outside the window to let firefighters know where you are.

Crawl Low Under Smoke
When you have smoke in your home and you are trying to escape, always crawl fast and low to the ground. The air down low is better and you should be able to see where you are going. Also, the temperature tends to be cooler near the ground.

Know Your Meeting Place Outside
Plan ahead of time a place that everyone will meet at if a fire does occur. This way if 1 person does not show up, chances are they are still in the home. Do not for any reason go back into the home to get them, call 911 and let firefighters know where that person may be when they arrive.

Know When to Call 911
The ideal time to call 911 is after you have gotten out of the home on fire. You may go to the neighbors or anywhere you can access a phone ASAP You don‛t want to waste your time inside calling 911 because the fire could trap you in the home and make matters worse.

Remember your address and phone number for call taker

For those that are of young age, teach them their address and phone number just in case the adult they are with is unable to.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Practicing home escape drills is very important. It gives your family and idea of what to do in case of a fire and a safe way out to prevent any fatalities. They should be practiced at least once a month. It has always been said, "practice makes perfect."

Things to Remember
  • Firefighters are your friends, so do not hide from them
  • Never hide under beds or in a closet
  • Never go back into your home to get anything
  • Always call 911 for emergencies
  • Make sure your smoke detectors work