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Restaurant and Retail Grant Program


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  • Step One

    1. Restaurant and Retail Grant Program


    2. Description:

      In an effort to attract and increase dining, shopping and entertainment options, the Village of Romeoville is committted to awarding grants for qualifying businesses. 

      Funds will be distributed on a case-by-case basis on the order received, subject to available funds, eligibility, and grant agreement approval with the Village. 

      Eligible Businesses:

      • Restaurant that includes either fine dining, casual dining or fast-casual dining, otherwise known as sit-down restaurants. This grant does not apply to carry-out or quick-service (fast food) restaurants.
      • Full-service Grocery Stores
      • Clothing, apparel and shoes
      • Electronics and appliances
      • Furniture
      • Home Improvement
      • Specialty Retail
      • Retail Entertainment
      • Sporting Goods

      For questions please email Josh Potter at