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Refuse Discount Property Vacancy / Vacation Application


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      Village of Romeoville
    2. Description:
      I/We request that refuse service be discontinued starting on the stated Vacancy Start Date and resume on the stated Vacancy End Date. I/We also understand that if water usage exceeds the monthly minimum of 1,000 gallons during the property vacancy/vacation period, the regular refuse fees will be charged.

      NOTE: CALL TO SCHEDULE a water meter reading to be done by a Village employee at the start & completion of your vacancy period.

      *****A one-time refuse adjustment will be made to utility account on vacancy end date.*****
    3. Note:
      Property is only eligible for Refuse Discount if the household will be vacated for a period equal to or greater than 5 weeks (35 days). The Refuse Discount will be prorated for the number of days away from the property.