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VOR-TV Scroll Request


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Contact Information
  3. 3. Scroll Message Information
  4. 4. Message Information If Slide Creation is Needed
  • Step One


    2. Description:
      The VOR-TV scroll is a community service provided by the Village of Romeoville. Use of the scroll is intended for non-profit, service, religious, and educational organizations.

      Criteria for using the scroll (must be 1 of the following):
      1.) The organization providing the information is based in Romeoville
      2.) The organization providing the information is hosting an event in Romeoville

      It is recommended that the message contain 25 words or less. More than 25 words may be submitted; however, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the text in order to accommodate the full message. VOR-TV reserves the right to edit and re-arrange messages that are submitted in order to accommodate message page size. Please allow at least a two week advanced notice for posting of messages. Messages will be posted for up to one month prior to an event.

      If you choose, you may also submit either a flyer or create a slide using a program such as Microsoft PowerPoint or something equivalent. When filling out the scroll request check the box that says "I am e-mailing a flyer or slide separately". Flyers and slides may be submitted to with the subject line being "Scroll Request." Flyers and slides must be in a JPEG or PDF format. PowerPoint slides should be set up at a resolution of 1024x768. Avoid using any font under 12 point. VOR-TV reserves the right to refuse any scroll request.