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      Are you looking to purchase an original program produced by VOR-TV? Our content can be purchased and either mailed to your home or can be picked up at our location(1050 West Romeo Road) for a discounted cost. Programming is available in the form of a DVD, Blu-Ray, or an HD MP4 file on a thumb drive.

      Cost to purchase:
      If you would like the media mailed to your house the cost is $10 for a DVD, $15 for a Blu-Ray, and $20 for a 16 GB Thumbdrive.
      If you would like the pick up your media from Village Hall, located at 1050 West Romeo Road, the cost is $5 for a DVD, $10 for a Blu-Ray, and $15 for a 16 GB Thumbdrive.

      Please fill out the following form to inquire as to whether the program and format you wish to receive are available. When your order is a received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. The confirmation e-mail will include information on the status of the program you are ordering and will provide information on how to submit a payment. Check payments are accepted and can be made out to the "Village of Romeoville". Credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) will only be accepted upon pick-up from Village Hall.

      For more information contact us: or 815-886-2202