Animal Trapping

Due to the number of complaints for dead or sick wild animals, such as skunks and raccoons, the Village Board has approved agreements with T&C Trapping and Will County Animal Control. 

The first agreement is a revised contract with T&C Trapping, who already handles the capture of wild animals in the village. T&C will also be handling the pickup of dead animals for a rate of $125 Monday - Saturday and $200 for Sunday. The village will cover $50 of that fee with the resident being responsible for the remainder.

The second agreement will be with Will County Animal Control to pick up sick or injured animals posing a threat to public health or safety. The fees range from $100 - $250, depending on when the call is made (weekend, after hours, etc.). Residents will not pay for this service. The village will cover the full cost.

T&C Trapping can be reached at (815) 467-4039. If you have a sick or injured animal on your property, call the Romeoville Police Department at (815) 886-7219, who will then reach out to Will County.