Department Organization


The Department is broken into 5 divisions:
  • Administrative
  • Fire Prevention
  • Operations
  • Support Services
  • Shift


Fire insurance classification within the Village is 4. The Department offers various CPR and Public Education classes. It also performs over 500 fire inspections each year within our business community, schools and churches. For any further information about the Department contact Kent Adams, Fire Chief, at 815-886-7229.

Department Staff

The Romeoville Fire Department consists of 74 highly trained, dedicated professionals providing fire, emergency medical and special rescue services to the community. The senior staff consists of: 
  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Chief of Operations
  • Support Services
  • Fire Prevention
  • Battalion Chiefs
The senior staff is supported by: 
  • Executive Assistant
  • Fire Academy Office Assistant
  • Fire Prevention Records Clerk
The department is staffed by 14 members on duty each day. The shift consists of a Battalion Chief, 3 Lieutenants, and 10 Firefighter/Paramedics staffing 2 fire engines, 1 ladder truck, and 2 advanced life support ambulances. The make up of the department is mixed between full-time career personnel (6 per shift) and part-time personnel (8 per shift). The senior staff is comprised of full-time personnel.